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We have selected only 25 top ranking physiotherapists of Kolkata to make sure you get only the best physiotherapy service at home near you. We have most responsive team for home physiotherapy service everywhere in Kolkata.

Looking for best physiotherapy near me?

physiotherapist near me home visit by physiohealthcure

We know every patient’s requirement is different from others. That’s why we provide individually customized physiotherapy treatment for every patient. Curing the patient is our first goal. Try experiencing a home physiotherapy session from us and see the difference by yourself. To be the best physiotherapist one must be understanding, focused, and confident with his treatment. Some of the best physiotherapists near your reach are:

  • Dr. Rima Banarjee (Serving for 5 years)
  • Dr. Arnab Chakroborty (Serving for 8 years)
  • Dr. Arun Adhikary (Serving for 6 years)
  • Dr. Alamin Hossain (Serving for 6.5 years)
  • Dr. Manjit Singh (Serving for 10 years)
  • Dr. Puja Agarwal (Serving for 9 years)

Many more expert physiotherapists are available for a home visit.

Searching physiotherapy at home service?

physiotherapist near me home by physiohealthcure

Traveling during ailment can cause more harm to the affected area. It is always best to avail physiotherapist at your place. It also saves lots of time and energy for the patient. Bring back your healthy and happy life from today. Benefits of booking Physiotherapy at home:

  • Home physiotherapy provides a complete and uninterrupted focus on a single patient
  • True quality treatment is possible only by home-based physiotherapy service
  • A private and secure environment of the home make patient mentally more relaxed
  • It gives the patients 30 percent faster recovery and resting time
  • No irregularity in treatment timing in home physiotherapy service
  • Flexible timing for the patient

Physiotherapists charges/ fees for home visit

Physiotherapy home visit charges

Who said physiotherapy is so costly? Physiotherapy services for a home can range from 350 to 2,000 rupees per session, which is depending on the type of treatment applied. We not only provide the most affordable treatment but also flexible timing for patients. Stop wasting your money on other unreliable organizations. We give an affordable solution for your physiotherapy related problems all across Kolkata:



We can understand your problem of not getting a genuine home physiotherapist. Even finding a reliable physiotherapy clinic/center in Kolkata can be a difficult task. That’s why we started Physio Health. We make sure you get unmatched physiotherapy treatment regardless of your location.

Are you searching for best arthritis doctor in Kolkata? We avail all kinds of physiotherapy treatment for Arthritis all over Kolkata. If treatment is not done properly it will cause stiffness in your joints over time.

  • Osteoarthritis:

    Osteoarthritis causes discomfort and soreness  in the joints of your hands, knees, hips, spine and neck area.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis:

    Rheumatoid Arthritis can decay the joints in hands, knees and wrists. This treatment prevents the process from happening further. 653 Rheumatoid Arthritis patients recovered by our expert physiotherapists.

  • Fibromyalgia Treatment:

    Fibromyalgia can occur in full body. It can cause insomnia, body ache and mental distress. 487 Fibromyalgia patients have been treated successfully.

  • Gout treatment:

    This mostly found on big toe joints. This treatment mostly done on toe joints, knee and ankle area. 27 patients got cured.

And many more treatments done depending on the condition of the patient.

Are you searching for best back pain treatment? We have the most experienced back pain doctor of Kolkata. Regular inactivity and lack of immobility is the main cause of back pain.
  • Lower Back Pain Treatment

    If your lower back pain lasts more than 3 to 4 weeks in a row, then it’s time to call a good physiotherapist. Otherwise, the pain can increase slowly and spread in the lower part of the body. We have cured more than 2,000 successful low back pain patients in Kolkata.

  • Herniated Disc Treatment:

    Burning or stinging in the lower back is a symptom of a herniated disc. It can cause decay of soft rubbery cushion between the spine joints. 215, successful Herniated Disc treatments are done.

  • Slipped Disc Treatment:

    While heavy lifting or twisting the body, spine joints might slide out from their position and causes continuous pain, and increase with time. Around 180 successful Slipped Disc treatments are done by our best doctors.

More Back pain treatments
  • Sciatica Treatment

  • Lumbar disc treatment

  • Cervical disc treatment

and more depending on the condition of the patient. Call us at home in anywhere at Kolkata. We avail service at Bidhannagar, Baguihati, Rjarhat New Town, Dum Dum and rest of kolkata.
If you are trying to find the most trusted knee pain treatment in Kolkata then Physiohealthcure is your destination. Every kind of treatment for knee pain is provided by us.
  • Osteoarthritis Knee Treatment:

    When cartilage of the knee joints gets eradicated then pain starts at knee joints. Over 1467 patients treated with our Osteoarthritis treatment.

  • Meniscus Tear Knee Treatment:

    This treatment is done when the supporting cartilage between the knee bone is damaged. More than 200 Meniscus Tear patients treated.

  • Spondylosis can cause uncomfortable pain in the neck. We have the top doctors from Kolkata to cure your spondylosis.
    • Cervical Spondylosis Treatment:

      This treatment is done to prevent further degradation of supporting bones and ligaments. 742 cervical spondylosis cases treated.

    • Neck Spondylosis Treatment:

      Bad body posture can cause weaken the neck bones and adjoined muscles. 1452 patients had been cured from Neck Spondylosis by our expert doctors.

    • Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment:

      This treatment is done on the lumbar spine or low back. 1,230 patients had been treated and recovered from Lumbar Spondylosis.

    • Checking the mobility and rang of motion.

    • Reducing the amount of pain

    • Applying correct treatment and showing proper exercises.

    Our physiotherapist have cured more than 855 frozen shoulder patients.


    All kinds of physiotherapy for neurorehabilitation is available in Kolkata from. We have treated over 500 neuro patients last year. Add a neuroimage underneath the title.

    Stroke recovery treatment is available all over Kolkata. Sudden restriction of blood flow in the brain can result from stroke. The patient loses control over speech, eyesight, and his body. Calling for stroke treatment as soon as possible is best for the patient.

    Paralysis treatment is done by our expert neuro physiotherapists. While paralysis the patient might not be able to feel the paralyzed muscle. With proper treatment, the patient can recover soon.

    Headache treatment is most crucial for a patient. The brain is the main controller of our body. If the brain doesn’t function well, the whole body and emotion will be at stake.

    We treat Alzheimer’s patients all over Kolkata. Memory loss of recent events is the most common symptom of Alzheimer’s patients.


    We have the best child specialist physiotherapists in Kolkata. We are always willing to give service at home to all children with deformities all over Kolkata. We offer all kinds of pediatric treatment for giving babies a healthy future.

    Babies with Autism find it hard to communicate and develop an improper behavioral pattern. Autism treatment is necessary at an early age. Our doctors are always ready to provide home based physiotherapy at any time. Searching for physiotherapy near me is finally over.

    We have the best physicians for the treatment of the premature baby. Premature birth of a baby will lead to low weight, small body structure, and malfunction of the body. So don’t delay and contact us for a home visit by our excellent physiotherapists.

    Hydrocephalus is a state of enlargement of the skull due to increase in fluid inside the brain. Physiotherapy at home in Kolkata is now easily accessible by every people.

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    It doesn’t matter anymore where ever you are in Kolkata. Physio Health Cure has a large network of physiotherapy centers all over Kolkata. Contact our team by phone and know the best physiotherapy center/clinic.

    Press that call button and our consultant will fix you the most suitable expert physiotherapist for a home visit. Patient satisfaction is our main goal. We avail expert physiotherapists for home service because only an expert can cure the pain of its root. It will just take you 5 minutes to book an appointment over a phone call.

    We have lady physiotherapists available in every corner of the city near you. Lady physiotherapists are mostly suitable for female patients. Physio Health has qualified professional ladies physiotherapists. Our lady physiotherapists are trained to treat patients with utmost care. Our lady physiotherapist can outperform even some of the best male physiotherapist of Kolkata at any given time.



    Undoubtedly best physiotherapist

    My doctor asked me to do a review about his physiotherapy treatment. Let me tell you if you are finding the best physiotherapist in Kolkata then Physio Health is the only place. I got recovered from what other doctors gave up.
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    I have suffered for migraine for many years. Many doctors were unable to cure it. My friend suggested me this website and Dr. Debdan was appointed for me. I have got my normal life back because of him.
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    I was searching for the best physiotherapy clinic near me in Kolkata. Physio Health suggested the best physiotherapy center nearest to my location in one call and got cured in 2 weeks for spondylosis.
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    Have no words to explain

    I had an accidental injury on my back. I was bed ridden and needed a reliable physiotherapy doctor at my house in Ruby. I booked physiotherapist from this site and got back on my feet within two months.
    rohan patel
    Neuro Rehabilitaion

    treated me with care

    I live near Unsani road of Howrah. Here we do not have any physiotherapists at our locality. This website provided Dr. Radhakrishnan on a regular basis at my house. I got rid of my paralysis in 3 months.
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    I am more than satisfied

    I was unable to walk for two weeks because of my knee pain. So, I was searching for a home physiotherapist near me in Jadavpur. Then I found Physiohealthcure website. Instantly I booked a home physiotherapy session. Within a month I got relief from my non-ending pain.
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    The top 25 best physiotherapists of Kolkata are available for physiotherapy near me at home service. Call now to avail a physiotherapist for a home visit near you.