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If you have recently gone to the doctor, had your blood tested and found out that you have low oxygen, then there is a very fair chance that your doctor would recommend you to have oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy is a therapy in which oxygen is provided from the outside sources (in this case, a concentrator) to your body. Here at Physio Health, we ensure that you receive the best of the best oxygen concentrators in Kolkata.

Oxygen therapy is suggested in many cases, some of the acute and some chronic.

1. If you’re an asthma patient, then having an oxygen concentrator nearby helps because then you can pump high levels of oxygen directly in your blood during or after an attack.

2. If you’re suffering from pneumonia, or if your newborn baby is suffering from respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) or Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), then you require an oxygen concentrator to be safe. Newborns who are born 6 weeks or so before their delivery date have a high risk of having RDS and those that suffer from RDS have a high risk of having BPD.

Apart from the above mentioned acute illnesses, there are many chronic illnesses that affect the people and require our oxygen concentrators as well.

3. Many, many people suffer from a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is incurable, and the only treatment is the usage of an oxygen concentrator.

4. Anyone suffering from cystic fibrosis also requires this therapy. This disease is life-threatening and it damages the lungs and the digestive system.

5. Finally, anyone suffering from sleep apnea is also suggested to undergo oxygen therapy. It is a very serious and harmful sleeping disorder (more observed in men than in women) where the patient is unable to breathe properly. This can be cured through weight loss and physical exercise, too!

Hence, you require oxygen concentrators for many reasons and here at Physio Health we ensure that you get only the best of the oxygen concentrators in Kolkata. Our services are sole.y meant to ensure that you are well and good and that you can go through your required medical equipment at a reasonable price.