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Female Physiotherapist in Kolkata

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Physiotherapy is the best-known process. It encompasses rehabilitation, injury, health and promotes fitness. Physio Health provides for the expert physiotherapists who help in restoring the mobility and function of an injured or disabled person. Our services excel in every domain from overcoming the pain in our bones to child rehabilitation. We even have female physiotherapist in Kolkata who are a step away to guide you and relieve your difficulties.

Our team of specialists applies both Electrotherapy and Exercise Therapy while treating their patients. While electrotherapy is the usage of shock waves and lasers, exercise therapy aims at activating our movements through some exercise and assistance. The patients learn to redress their pain while returning back to active lives. Our specialists and doctors are highly skilled and licensed professional. We at Physio Health promote fitness, and with relentless therapies and sessions, we are able to provide a quality service.

Physiotherapy depends on the science of movement assisting people to restore their mobility, maximize their physical strength and overall well being from the underlying physical issues. The physiotherapist masters the skills and training at pinpointing the root cause of the injury by provide the accurate measures to prevent them. There are not only male but also female physiotherapist in Kolkata who are well equipped for their jobs.

We render services like Ortho physiotherapy, Neuro-physiotherapy, sports and surgical rehabilitation, child rehabilitation and Cardiopulmonary. While the ortho physiotherapy includes dealing with Osteoarthritis or different body pains, the Neuro-physiotherapy is concerned with strokes, Parkinson disease, motor neuron disease, and other neuropathies. With the use of tedious therapies and sessions, our professionals are able to help cure the person facing any impairments.

Most of our physical injuries are caused due to the participation in different sports activities. Our website consists of sports and surgical rehabilitation where one is provided treatment against the ACL reconstruction, knee injury or replacements, brain surgery and many more. This is all possible due to the aid from our specialized experts. The demand for physiotherapists is increasing due to regular injuries. This has increased the demand for female physiotherapist in Kolkata as well. The female therapists are prone to treating children and help them conquer their injuries and improve muscle power.

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