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Want to conquer your loneliness, depression or mental sickness? The service of psychological counselling offered by our website Physio Health help in relieving your problems and motivates you towards a better life. Our services excel in every domain of lives of individuals.

We provide professional psychologists that aid in fighting against the depression, anger- stress anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other physical problems. Our website even offers best child psychologist in Kolkata who deal with childhood issues and provide relative counselling not only to the child but to the parent as well.

Psychological disorders are very common today. Not only are these disorders dangerous but they are even depriving the individual of living a normal life. When going to the cause, they can either be neurodevelopmental disorders that are diagnosed during infancy or childhood or they can be the ones that develop with the variable changes or shifts in the environment or the mood of a person. Altogether, causing a fatal impact on the mental condition.

Psychological counselling is one such process that encompasses research work in varied domains including counselling process and outcome, training and supervision, career development and health and its prevention. The psychologists facilitate personal and interpersonal functioning dealing with emotional, social, development, educational and health-related issues. Our team consists of well qualified and licensed professionals that are always there on their feet to cure and help the patients. We even facilitate best child psychologist in Kolkata to help treat your child in a comfortable environment and at affordable prices.

Physio Health was founded to serve the patients with the utmost care. This lead to the establishment of different services psychological counselling being one of them. Here, on our website you can avail the best quality services and products. Our team of psychological counselling experts empathize with the patients and assist them in overcoming their mental problems through some advice and suggestions enabling them to return to their daily life chores eliminating the anxiety, depression or loneliness.

A child’s mind is like a blank slate which keeps on adding the data as per his experiences. The child adapts as per his surroundings, and without proper upbringing and etiquette, he might develop certain mental disorders. We provide best child psychologist in Kolkata to deal with the circumstances of childhood issues like fear, worry or abuses.