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Physio Health – Leading Physiotherapy Treatment Services

Serving area : Kolkata, Howrah

Is pain limiting your abilities?

Is your self-esteem decreasing?

Physio Health’s ‘physiotherapy near me’ centres have been opened for providing the best physiotherapy in Salt Lake Kolkata and many other places around the city.

We at Physio health aim at providing the best services to your physical ailments and deformities making use of the latest innovative technologies and well-experienced team of physiologists at affordable rates. We believe in the strength of mind more than medicines and strongly recommend you to improve your confidence which is the key factor in combating any health issue.

your solution to get rid of body pain

Physiotherapy at Howrah was never at a cheaper rate. Our service also includes Exercise therapy involving muscle stretching therapies, massaging techniques, neurodynamic treatments, joint manipulation, joint mobilisation, physiotherapy instrument mobilisation (PIM) and soft tissue techniques etc., alongside with potential yoga practices to cure your ailments.

Apart from this we also use electrotherapy methods like IFT, UST, TENS, SWD, wax bath, LASER, shock waves etc., utilising the best medical instruments available in India. Other services include psychological treatment, oxygen supplies and sales of high-quality medical equipment at affordable rates. Every service you avail from us is solely meant for making your body devoid of any pain you experience.

What’s more?

Well, we offer our services through our experienced team of experts directly at your home. You just need to call us and schedule your appointments. We follow a well-structured plan for each individual based on their needs which includes psychological counselling and healthy food habits. We even motivate them to practise yoga which improves their emotional well-being along with their physical strength.

Why Choose Us?

Thousands of people have already been benefited by our treatment and we strive to improve it further through our quality service. Your well-being is our motivation. Your strength is our energy. So, what are waiting for? Call us immediately to move a step closer to curing your problems.

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